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by admin on November 23, 2009

Web designing is a dynamic and innovative career that requires the graduates to come up with websites that will enable the client reap maximum profits by using the site in their marketing activities. The web design course is at times integrated with business programs to enable students understand the importance of well-designed websites to the client. The students learn on how to use web-based materials such as graphics and presentations to come up with a functional site.

The course is offered at diploma, associate and bachelor’s degree levels. Some colleges use the classroom-based mode of teaching while others have embraced the online module.

Westwood College
Westwood College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in web design. The graduates from this college are equipped with skills that prepare them to advance in knowledge of XML, WFL, HTML and development of industry-compliant web design projects. Similarly they also learn on how to build e-commerce websites for various businesses.

The Art Institute of Pittsburg
The Art Institute of Pittsburg offers online diploma courses Web Design alongside other programs such as graphic design and media design. The students learn how to integrate elements such as audio, text, images and animations in order to come up with creative web content.

Devry College of Media Arts & Technology
Devry College of Media Arts & Technology is renowned for its associate degree program in Web Design. Students acquire skills on how to use industry-standard equipment and software when developing a client’s web site.

International Academy of Design & Technology
The International Academy of Design & Technology offers associate and bachelor’s degree courses in Web Design using the online study module. The college ensures that graduates come out of school having gain some hands-on experience that is very important in the job market.

Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College is ranked as one of the best in job placement statistics. Students from this institution get training that is career-oriented to prepare them for employment. The program is offered as an associate degree course.

Kaplan University
offers a flexible study mode through the online module where students are allowed to study at their own pace. They offer a bachelor’s degree in Web Design where students learn of the skills they need to advance their career.

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