Everything You Need to Know about Learning Web Design

by admin on February 26, 2010

Web designers are the professional who takes care of feel and look of the World Wide Web pages for a client’s website and as well under took graphic design assignments for advertisers, newspapers, magazines, publishers and for other purposes.  He does variety of tasks and jobs in its daily routine and exercises. For his client whether a website owner or a print assignment he designs a graphic template giving words to company’s ideas and thoughts. He takes part into initial designing of a web site while having meeting with clients for layout and organization of a Website on ideas like types of colors, images, photos, illustrations, videos, etc and other overall aspects of graphic designing.

During his work schedule for a web design, a Web designer produces a basic concept of a web page and designs it by putting producer’s idea into it. After the scheduling of basic designs, a web designer collects the text documents and images that would stand on the each of the pages on a website in converted form. A web designer should be an expert in HTML that is computer language that is very necessary to know as to design a website. He more, should be conversant with the most latest HTML extensions which make it having the latest HTML extensions to add intuitive features into website like animations and interactive surveys.

Existence of a website remains futile unless it is not connected to clickable e-mail contacts or uploaded to a server. Therefore, a good designer should have the working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) and other scripting languages as to carry out the necessary improvisations as required by a designed website. More he should be capable of hosting a website on any server and to be viewed by any type of browsers.

As far as educational qualifications of a web designer are concerned he should have sound background in fine arts, graphic design, or in publishing adjoined with combined courses in computer sciences and hands-on computer experience. More he should have four year college degree, two year associate degree. There are many designers who are competent only in HTML and they keep on upgrading themselves on various other skills. They should have knowledge in computer graphics packages like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro as well as should have understanding of Flash, XML based applications and programming.

For the openings at the position of a web designer one can gauge them from the classified advertisements that keeps on arriving at various daily newspapers, magazines and on internet itself. It has been seen that a web designer start his career as a graphic designer at advertising companies or publishing houses. And after certain exposure they grow up as a competent designer. As for an accounted salary of a web designer it calculates around to $59, 894 per year.

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