50 Best Web Design Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

by Linda on January 13, 2011

What happens when older Web designers retire or move on? Younger Web designers take their places. This list of the 50 best Web design blogs you aren’t reading yet include a vast range of inspirational articles, artwork and themes created by students, young business owners and global entrepreneurs. The list, which begins in May 2009, is separated by year and each link is listed by the month created in order.


  1. Design DazzlingDesign Dazzling: Get your eye candy here — tutorials and articles about graphic design, Web design and a focus on CSS, Flash, freebies and more (May).
  2. OrphicPixel: Mars is a Web and a graphic designer, a video editor since 2002, a blogger since 2006, a videographer and a photographer (May).
  3. WebDesignBooth: WebDesignBooth was created as a blog to discuss about resources for web developers and designers (May).
  4. Black Rhino Solutions, Inc: Black Rhino Solutions, Inc. is a web design, application development, graphic design, and online marketing company located in Westchester, New York (August).
  5. Creativeoverflow: is a Design Blog for Anything Creative. They share their design experience through delivering professionally written articles, tutorials, resources and Inspiration.
  6. The Design Mag: The goal for this blog is to inform readers about new design trends and techniques for the design community (May).
  7. Bittbox: Jay Hilgert is a designer, blogger, Web enthusiast, and an Apple geek (June).
  8. Web Design Fan: This blog delivers tutorials, review web tools and services, give away graphics, and deliver all of the information web designers need the most (June).
  9. Aext.net: This blog focuses on logos, and offers the “best of” for 2010. They’re moving into the best of 2011 (June).
  10. Design FollowDesign Follow: This blog goes after the “best of the best” in Web design (August).
  11. Designrfix: Learn cutting edge techniques and current trends in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and 3D Studio Max (August).
  12. Three Styles: Three Styles is a blog aimed at Web Developers/ Designers to bring them the latest trends and tutorials (August).
  13. Webm.ag: Useful Design blog focuses on freebies, tutorials and useful knick-knacks (August).
  14. WordPress Arena: This is a WordPress junkie’s daily fix for anything WordPress, including apps, themes, reviews and more (August).
  15. Smashing Share: Smashing Share is a blog dedicated to the design and development community, where we share useful free web resources, design inspiration, freebies, tutorials, how to’s, interviews, tips and more (August).
  16. Concept Dezain: Franco Averta, the founder of Concept Dezain, is from Argentina and currently studying to become a graphic designer (August).
  17. Web3Mantra: Web3mantra is an exciting platform designed for bloggers, designers & developers to explore different web and graphic design techniques, latest trends and best practices (August).
  18. Designzzz: This blog is part of the ZZZ Networks and includes art, design and free resources (August).
  19. Designbeep: Resources for design and development created by Arshad (September).
  20. Inspire BitINSPIREbit: Get a dose of daily design inspiration from this blog, along with interviews, WordPress articles and freebies (September).
  21. CrispyTech: A creative blog heavy on technology, authored by Umair Bussi, an Electrical Engineer (Communication) graduated in 2007 form Air University, PAF Complex, Islamabad (September).
  22. Creative Overflow: Creativeoverflow was founded by Jacques van Heerden a Designer from South Africa (September).
  23. 2 Experts: Design inspiration, creative ideas and beautiful tech concept for designers and bloggers (October).
  24. Best Design Tuts: Bestdesigntuts is a pool of design articles and tutorials where one can find all sorts of design information ranging from graphic deign tips to inspirational designs and resources & freebies for creative professionals (October).
  25. CreativeFan: CreativeFan posts daily updates in fields such as graphic design, Web design, audio, music, video, computer graphics, and photography (November).
  26. Richworks: This blog offers informative, thought provoking, articles that take an in-depth look at design and help you nurture your creativity and grow as a designer (December).
  27. Underworld Magazines: This design blog displays some of the best design news, resources, and interviews from around the Web (December).
  28. Visual Swirl: Visual Swirl is a creative design blog moderated and edited by Chris Thurman (December).


  1. Add to Design: AddToDesign is a Web design blog dedicated to pushing the boundaries of rich quality content (January).
  2. D4 Web DesignD4 Web Design: D4 Web Design is a creative design group specializing in creating web, graphic and print media solutions for trend setting businesses (January).
  3. Design Juices: Design Juices is an online design magazine filled with inspiration and design advice (January).
  4. Niby Design Group: blog is dedicated to dispersing great ideas, exploring new trends in web design, and helping your outdoor business grow through various marketing avenues (February).
  5. Photoble: Photoble.com gathers together the best photos, tips and gear reviews for photography enthusiasts.(February).
  6. Pixel Clouds: Pixel Clouds is a design inspiration blog aimed at the design community (February).
  7. MachoArts: Enjoy digital art, amazing portraits, Photoshop tutorials, freebies, showcases and design-related articles (March).
  8. New Evolution: NewEvolution is taking design to new levels by providing an innovative web and graphic design blog (March).
  9. Nuneo Creative: This is a creative showcase resource for Web designers, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers and Web developers (March).
  10. Plan My Site: This blog is created by a passionate team of professionals that provides the all-inclusive online services needed to create a strong Internet presence (March).
  11. BlogWebDesigner: BlogWebDesigner focuses on topics and resources for Web designers, developers and bloggers and is one of the fastest growing design communities on the Web (April).
  12. Brush LoversBrushLovers: Browse through this amazing collection of exclusive free and premium Photoshop Brushes (May).
  13. GraphicBuzz: Enjoy articles, tutorials and freebies along with some amazing graphic inspiration from this new site (May).
  14. Recave: Recave is now a community blog for daily design inspiration. They trawl the Web everyday to find and present creative and inspiring projects from some of the best artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers out there (May).
  15. Addictive Fonts: Addictive Fonts is blog dedicated on finding free awesome fonts which you can use commercially (June).
  16. Inspire Monkey: InspireMonkey is the creation of Aidan Huang and is an exciting new grotto full of web resources and news, inspirational visuals, great examples and best practices for your browsing pleasure (June).
  17. Charming WP: A blog filled with free and premium WordPress template designs and themes (July).
  18. Graphics Fuel: This blog is a space where Rafi provides high quality “Photoshop Freebies” with the original source files in .PSD format (July).
  19. 1st Web Designer: This already is a popular blog, with over 746 blog entries published since its creation. This blog focuses on web design, graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles (August).
  20. Designmodo: DesignModo is grouped in all the categories that you can imagine: Web design, graphic design, photography, Web development, tutorials, tips, inspiration, advertising, social media, business…(August).
  21. WPZine: Paul Maloney is a UK-based Web designer/developer who runs Tropica, a design agency. This is his blog, which reflects his interest in WordPress and typography (September).
  22. Thirtyblog: ThirtyBlog is a blog dedicated to online community where they share Web resources, design inspiration, development tools, free downloads and tutorials (November).

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