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At one time, web design was a field where most of the workers, even some of the top players in the industry, were self-taught. Today, this is increasingly rare, as employers and clients want to hire web designers who have both raw talent and formal training. During your time in school, you could take classes in areas such as programming languages, principles of design, search engine optimization, technical writing, website architecture, communication, information systems, networking, and project management. The top design programs give you lots of options to you can tailor your education to fit your skills and interests.

Rhode Island School of Design

For students interested in any fine arts or design program, it’s hard to beat the Rhode Island School of Design, otherwise known as RISD. U.S. News and World Report has named this college the best graphics design school in the country for 2010, and they’ve been at or near the top of the list for years. They have programs for both bachelor’s degree students and master’s degree students, though it is important to note that the emphasis at this school is on the design elements you’ll use as a web designer, rather than the more technical work you’ll need to learn to complete.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University is based in the Orlando, Florida area and also offers online classes to students in their web design program. They’ve long been considered a top school in this area, and unlike many design schools, they offer a program that combines both the visual element and the back-end technical element to give you an extremely comprehensive understanding of this field. Full Sail’s bachelor degree program helps you create a portfolio and includes classes on business management, communications, and other skills you’ll need in the workforce. Many graduates even go on to open their own studios upon graduation.

International Academy of Design & Technology

If you want to get started in your web design career as quickly as possible, but still also value a formal education, the International Academy of Design & Technology might be a good college program for you to consider. They have a great web design associate’s degree program, which allows you to learn the fundamentals so you’re prepared for a career in this industry but don’t have to spend four (or more) years in school.

Top Web Design Schools Online

Full Sail University
BS in Web Design & Development
BS in Mobile Development
Full Sail University — Full Sail University's BS in Web Design & Development teaches students the technology they need to understand the language of Web design and create interactive web content. The program covers front and back end development for the web, PDAs and cell phones, and requires students to master the multiple languages used in today's hottest technology.
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Rasmussen College
AS in Web Design
Rasmussen College — Rasmussen College's AS in web design teaches students how to develop websites to be visually engaging through the use of color, sound, images, graphics, animation and text. The art of building a successful website requires as much technological skill as artistic talent, as well as a foundation in psychology and behavioral principles.
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Liberty University
BSIT in Web and Mobile Programming
Liberty University — Liberty University's BSIT in Web and Mobile Programming program is a relatively new program that teaches cutting edge web development techniques. The curriculum, offered online, combines a campus-based approach and enhances it with simulations and other hands-on technology. This degree is designed for the busy working professional that seeks advanced training in web technology.
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