How Long Does it Take to Become a Web Designer?

A web designer is a person who designs, maintains and updates websites. He/she works with the artistic of a website in making sure that a web page is navigable, supports main browsers and complies with the set standards of a website. His overall assignment comprises in ensuring that he produces websites that captivates the online audience, and therefore web traffic flow is his primary agenda.

The length of training as a web designer will depend on the program you are pursuing and the type of college or university you are taking your program at. But in most cases, the length of training to be one, ranges between two and four years. If you have a creative background, you will find it easier to learn Web Design because, being a web designer means that you are required to be in tune with the sporadic change in technology. To be a successful web designer you should display your creativity and skills to your potential employers or clients.

 If you aspire to be a web designer, you can choose to train within a classroom or online. You will find training resources through online community forums, text books or self-paced tutorials. Some of the web designers are self-taught and they take their courses at their own pace, but you can choose to take a more rigorous training at some of the four-year institutions and community colleges. It is not necessarily that you have a degree to perform web design, but if you are looking forward to getting employed by some companies you must be in a possession of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, computer science or graphic design or an associate degree or certificate.

Now that you have seen that training as a web designer takes little time, you might want to enroll in this lucrative profession. But you have to know that anything that has advantages also has disadvantages. You will be working for long hours to make any changes to websites or in meeting client’s deadline. Web design is a rewarding profession, so you can give a try.

Top Web Design Schools Online

Liberty University
BSIT in Web and Mobile Programming
BSIS in Web Development
CERT: Web Development
Liberty University — Liberty University's BSIT in Web and Mobile Programming program is a relatively new program that teaches cutting edge web development techniques. The curriculum, offered online, combines a campus-based approach and enhances it with simulations and other hands-on technology. This degree is designed for the busy working professional that seeks advanced training in web technology.
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Art Institute of Pittsburgh
BS in Web Design & Interactive Media
AS in Web Design & Interactive Media
Art Institute of Pittsburgh — The Art Institute of Pittsburgh's AS in web design and BS in web design degree programs prepare artistic students with the practical business and technological skills they need to make their art marketable. Media design degrees concentrate on web design and programming languages. Graphic design teaches students to make images to sell ideas in a variety of media. The BS in web design gives students the technological skills and creative support they need to venture into the job market successfully.
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Full Sail University
BS in Web Design & Development
BS in Mobile Development
Full Sail University — Full Sail University's BS in Web Design & Development teaches students the technology they need to understand the language of Web design and create interactive web content. The program covers front and back end development for the web, PDAs and cell phones, and requires students to master the multiple languages used in today's hottest technology.
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Southern New Hampshire University
MSIT in Web Design
Southern New Hampshire University — Southern New Hampshire University's MSIT in Web Design expands upon the basic principles of web design, like how to develop websites that are effective and user-friendly, and how to make the web experience more engaging through the use of graphics, sound, and typography. Students develop key skills needed to become professional web designers and developers.
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